Customers who do not necessarily need exclusive storage space can choose to use public storage space which is safe and reliable because it is only accessible to the storage space workers.

  • Customers’ collections is put away separately in the public storage space and kept under the custody of storage space workers.
  • Only storage space workers could enter.
  • Collections are managed by art treasures storage service.
  • Customers could check their collections by online system.
  • Public storage space users could book for appreciating the collections in the showroom.

It allows the customers to store their art treasures in their own exclusive space which is managed by professional service team.

  • Exclusive storage space owned by the customers, and management by professional storage sta.
  • Enter by authenticating customers’ identity.
  • Customers can check the collections by online system.

The cellar providing storage service could be used to keep vintage wine at the constant temperature of 13 degrees centigrade (55 degrees Fahrenheit) with the relative humidity of 65% to 70%. The cellar is safe and reliable for the reason that only storage service workers could enter.

  • The collections are stored separately in the cellar and managed by professional storage workers.
  • Only storage service workers is permitted to enter.
  • Customers could check their collections by online system.

Strong room for jewels allows customers store their pearls and jewels, watches, precious metal, famous painting scrolls, and other valuables by double locks.

  • The collections are stored separately in the public strong room and managed by professional storage workers.
  • Only storage service workers is permitted to enter.
  • Customers could check their collections by online system.




The storage service is specialized in storing art treasures, and is keen on the maintenance of the customers’

  • Perfect hi-tech facilities
  • The solar power refrigerating system could keep the temperature inside the storage space under 20 degrees centigrade (68 degrees Fahrenheit); The temperature of the cellar is kept relatively lower by the use of thermal insulation equipment.
  • Monitor network of smoke, temperature, and moisture is fixed all over the storage space.
  • Air and particles are excluded by air filtration system
  • Professional and well trained team who are constantly perfecting their skills and service.




The most safe and considerate protection is provided to the customers. The security system is sophisticated and all-round, which far surpasses its competitors in the industry.

  • 24 hours electronic monitoring by auxiliary police
  • Biological feature identification technologies such as laser sensor, electronic lock, motion senor, infrared video camera, and so on
  • Wireless scanning and bar code system
  • Advanced pre-action dry sprinkler system




1+1 Art center is equipped with advanced online account management system, which enables customers to manage and view the materials of the collections at any time and any place.


The worker team of the 1+1 Art center is comprised by strictly selected elites of
the industry. The are treasures management workers have been trained with knowledge of how to preserve and protect antique and cultural relics. They are well acquainted with how to store and preserve sculptures, paintings, vintage wine, jewels, and other types of valuables.


The art treasure storage service sta fully understand the importance attached by the collectors to their collections. They regard it the top priority to protect the privacy of customers and their relevant materials in every link of the storage work.


Making good use of the perfect load and transport facilities at the free port, the center arranges accredited forwarding agent to transport and during the transportation manage the collections.


The elegant show room designed is free to access by customers. The show room has excellent natural light and is also equipped with UV/IR filter floodlight and spotlight for clear view at any time. The customers could hold special activities planned and prepared by the center sta in the showroom.


The center provides senior restorers of paintings and calligraphy, oil paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.


The center workers will choose durable package materials with dierent density and thickness for collections with dierent structures, sizes, and other factors.