Dialogue with Vision

—Exhibition of the 20 Years of Tommy Li and Design

Tommy Li is the doctor for designs, the master for the top brands in Hong Kong.

He has visited Ryuichi Sakamoto when he’s young, and now, his clients are from all over Asia and Far East. According to Agosto, a popular journal of design in Japan, he is “the only graphic designer that has the most significant influence in Hong Kong in the future 10 years”. Many enterprises created legends after his brand diagnosis. For example, he converted Honeymoon Dessert, which was originally a small dessert shop only serving the community, into a enterprise with 12 chain stores with a 600% increase of business volume.

He insists that deign is to serve the business, “We are not artists. Our work has to be commercial, and our designs need to meet the need of our clients. They have to be targeted.” He said that “a clear position is essential for originality. If the position is clear and the target is explicit, the originality will be created naturally.”

Dialogue with Vision—Exhibition of the 20 Years of Tommy Li and Design is the work polished by the market. After a year of thorough preparation and under the sponsorship of John Swire & Sons Ltd., he held this biggest solo exhibition in Hong Kong’s history of design in December, 2010. In a venue of 2000㎡, Tommy Li’s 20-year journey of design was comprehensively presented to the public. And his works in the past 20 years, including logos, brands, packages, posters, publications, advertisements, and individual creative works, were all reviewed with the hope to conduct a non-linguistic “dialogue with vision” with audiences with the information expressed by the images. From June 18th, 2011, the curators of the exhibition, He Ming, Chen Feibo and Wang Hao, will bring the whole exhibition to China Mainland for traveling exhibitions. After being exhibited in Chengdu and Suzhou, the exhibition will come to Beijing.