• Provide monthly, quarterly media public relation dissemination scheme.
  • Provide consultative suggestions on public relation dissemination, promotion, and brand.
  • Provide suggestions for event marketing, and market activities.
  • Provide suggestions and analysis for monthly dissemination summary reports and market competition.

  • Provide tailor-made themed activities for customers.
  • Penetrate the brand concept throughout the activities, and enlarge the eect of brand promotion by using manpower, material resources, and influence of the network of the center.

  • Monitor competitors’ s movement, product movement, and industry movement
  • The monitor scope shall be no less than 250 print media and web media. The updated movement is fed back by providing brief report or web links to our company.
  • Provide monthly brief report on public relation dissemination every week and every month.

  • Build media database, and update promptly
  • Seek for publishing on media, selection of topics, management, and opportunity to get published

  • Based on the specific demand of products, the center will choose a particular medium to do evaluation, and at the same time give proper guidance to make sure articles with positive reviews will be published.
  • Communicate with media, and take an active part in and help operate all kinds of awarding activities.

Brand Steward Service: It is a set of a complete brand business plan, which is made to guarantee that any activities of the brand could reflect the core value and the spirit of the brand itself, the idea is also called integrated marketing communication (IMC).

All-0round Popularization Service: It consists of advertisement, one-to-one dissemination, customer relation management, digital dissemination, public relation, brand image and brand logo., and so on.

The 1+1 Art Center provide online and oine trade for equities of the art treasures such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jade wares, valuable metal, bronze wares, jewels, diamond, and other valuables.The 1+1 Art Center transfer the equity of culture and art, property right, creditor’s right, and intellectual property right by the forms of crowd-funding and group purchase. The 1+1 Art Center also provide investment and financing service such as Cultural rights trading products, venture capital of culture industry, Cultural property right trading index.