Balance, Travels and Meetings: Brixel Art

Host: Beijing 1+1 Art Centre
Artist: Richard Brixel
Inauguration Time: 15:00, March 9th,2016
Exhibition Time: March 10th-April 28th,2016
Venue: 1/F Chaoyangmen Street North, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Richard Brixel. Born in 1943, Stockholm, Sweden.

Richard Brixel has contributed his studies and interests gained extensive knowledge and familiarity with the old masters. This knowledge combined with an organic movement found in an untamed nature characterizes his work. The design or form of the sculptures are perfused by the forces of water and wind, recollected visually from his memory.

His sculptures are envoys of profoundly human narratives and sagas deep within us. They portray happiness, lighthearted joy and playfulness but also the contrary of cruelty and humiliating abuse of the good. The sculptures, a forest of bodies, wear their scars and injuries as irrepressible as the bronze they are made of.

The exhibition’s design revolves around the balancing act of being human, her travels and meetings. To Brixel, a balancing act means to move between different layers of reality and different realities. Mindfulness of layers are themes of Brixel’s artistry.