The Zhou brothers fuse the spirituality and ideography of Eastern art with the representation and abstraction of Western modern art in such a unique way that they have established a dialog with mainstream art forms in the United States and the West, where they have won widespread appreciation and praise through the past decades of their career. Moreover, as Chinese artists, their great contribution to international modern art has historical significance.

They are a pair of diligent inventors, persistently exploring beyond their previous achievements while continuously expanding their “artistic territory”. They use mixed media, based on their oil painting. They draw dynamics from an unconscious free expression, forming a framework filled with tension, overlapping figures and textures of layered expression that has grand and mysterious narrative features. They also expand planar forms into three-dimensional sculptures and spatial work, resulting in a rich artistic achievement.

In China, their art is still unknown to many people. Today, communication about international art is increasingly active. This exhibition in China that welcomes them back for exchange, provides an overview of their achievement and brings the opportunity to get to know them and admire their work. As one of their old friends, I write this short introduction sincerely. The “Zhou style” becomes so distinct in their new work that it adds even more vivid light and luster, creating a lasting impression for the viewer.